Physically challenged? Then daily outings are not so obvious

“Physical obstacles and conscious and unconscious exclusion mean that, five years after the ratification of the UN Convention on Disability, Dutch people with disabilities are still unable to participate equally.” This is stated in the introduction to an article by Trouw on 8 June 2021. By this, the article refers today attractions, accommodations, but also everyday things like shopping. And that non-equal-participation? That is what Karin and Rien de Leeuw run into on a daily basis. They have both been in wheelchairs for almost 40 years. ‘Some places we just don’t go to, then we don’t have to get annoyed,’ they say in another Trouw article.

Small things can already make it possible for someone with a disability to participate in everyday activities, such as shopping or using public transport. And despite the fact that more than two million Dutch people have a disability, this is often not considered. This is a shame, because the solution can be very easy.

Accommodation owners and theme parks still have a lot to gain. It starts with awareness, the rest follows afterwards. Then, together, we can ensure that Karin and Rien can also have an easier day out.

Curious where you can already make a start? Or are you running into this as an organisation? Get to know our Rebels! This is part of Joint Projects, where people with different disabilities identify how accessible your organisation is. Want to know more? Get in touch with us!

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