The Community

On the right are 2 drawn, happy half-puppets. Left is fuchsia and right is green. Next to it is the name Accessible (green) Recreation (fuchsia).

Our aim is pleasure for everyone, everywhere. Accessible Leisure brings all involved parties together in one international community. From now on we start joining forces for an inclusive, international leisure market.

The community is a professional network for entrepreneurs, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, foundations, governments, funds and support organizations who want to realize an accessible recreational facility. In other words: it is the source of knowledge and the network for Pleasure for Everyone Everywhere! There are no costs involved when joining the community.

The community is not only “for everyone” but also “by everyone”. Started in the Netherlands as a national community we are internationally expanding now. From now on, participants from all over the world can directly post news, important information and events about accessible recreation on the community’s platform. Participants can also see a list of participants so that they can quickly see who they should contact for what. In addition, visitors to the website can ask a question to Joint Projects as a matchmaker via WhatsApp.

Finally, there is a Knowledge Base containing all kinds of Toolkits, studies, etc. If you send an email to [email protected] with new relevant knowledge items, we can further bundle and expand the knowledge in this area.

The Accessible Leisure platform provides the opportunity to exchange ideas and meet professional parties working in the leisure industry.

Would you also like to share news and knowledge about accessible leisure? And do you want to take a look at the community’s knowledge base?

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“We have to make sure we involve people with disabilities. In all domains. Also in the domain of the recreation sector!”

Rick Brink – community ambassador and former Dutch Minister for Disabled Affairs



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