A journey of discovery through the leisure industry in search of pleasure for everyone.

At Joint Projects, we believe in the right of everyone to fully participate in recreation and leisure activities. Our mission is simple but powerful: to make leisure accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or any limitations. Because fun should be accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Joint Projects has the network, expertise and resources to advise your organization on accessibility. Our approach is based on a unique combination of experience, expertise and a rebellious enthusiasm. We are committed to advising organizations on accessibility, with services ranging from employing our experiential Rebel team to creating inclusive strategies and facility testing. In this way, we offer a range of solutions to ensure that recreation is accessible to all.

Curious about how we can help your organization create an inclusive future? Contact us for more information or watch our video of our services and products on the right to see how we can make your goals a reality.

First Changing Places Toilet opened

With our partners and our Rebels, we succeeded in creating the first Changing Places in the Netherlands!

beekse bergen giraf Joint Projects

Joint Projects has the network, expertise and resources that provide your organization with advice on accessibility.

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