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Joint Projects has the network, expertise and resources to give your organization advice on accessibility.

Running Projects

First Changing Places toilet in Beekse Bergen

Joint Projects and foundation Het Gehandicapte Kind play a prominent role in the realization of the first Changing Places Toilet in the Netherlands at Beekse Bergen. A wonderful facility that contributes to our mission to make leisure accessible for everyone; ‘Fun for Everyone!’.
Through our years of network in the leisure industry and our community Accessible Recreation, we consistently bring this facility to the attention at day attractions. In 2023, we – with financing from foundation Het Gehandicapte Kind, delivered a plan of action for the completion of 2,501 of these horizontal toilet facilities in the Netherlands by 2044. Experience experts Changing Places Rebels, the future users of this facility, played an important role during the development of the plan. Similarly, Beekse Bergen is committed to accessibility and inclusion. As a first step to
become more accessible, the park decided to place a Changing Places Toilet. This project is partly made possible by sponsoring by TR-Care and funds raised by Stichting Het Gehandicapte Kind for this location.
Joint Projects then supported Beekse Bergen in two ways. Our senior project manager made an integral technical design and a functional program of requirements with installation drawings, based on the international standard and Dutch laws and regulations. In addition,
he provided advice on specialized resources. Throughout this process – from design to testing and delivery – he worked closely with Beekse Bergen’s Head of Technical Services, suppliers, the installer and contractor, as well as TR Care and Changing Places International/UK.
The (kinship) experience rebels also had valuable input on both the position of the toilet and the design of the space. All in all, Joint Projects’ approach led to a supported design that facilitated the realization process of the Changing Places Toilet. In addition, we supported Beekse Bergen in embedding the Changing Places Toilet in their operations. This included advice on alerting, cleaning, access, signaling, communication &
information, legal disclaimer and training for Guest Services, together with a Changing Places rebel. Joint Projects also provided coordination for the grand opening on March 27. We are extremely proud that the first location is now really opening, and we are eager to support more leisure locations! This will enable even more visitors with disabilities to enjoy a day out; 100,000 more families will be able to go on a day out.


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Current projects

  • Zoos Inclusion Pact, ministry of health, welfare and sport
    Joint Projects is currently working on its ambition to realize 12 accessible zoos in 12 provinces.
  • Increasing the accessibility of companies in the Frisian hospitality sector
    The concrete facilitation of 5 Frisian recreation entrepreneurs with a systematic and pragmatic approach that also includes the perspective of experts by experience, and the strategic foundation of the employees. Identifying opportunities for broadening the provincial Smart Growth program with policy and an action program in the field of inclusiveness.

Strike the right chord with the right people

With her company Joint Projects, Karin Stiksma is fully committed to making the national and international leisure sector more aware of the right that every person has to recreation, to rediscover themselves in leisure-related activities. Accessibility and the possibility to fully enjoy attractions or attractive experiences for everyone.

Regardless of any physical or psychological disability. Her ambition and drive to demand international attention for this subject commands respect and admiration. Karin knows how to strike the right chord with the right people and motivate them to commit to what Karin has come up with long before. She is a natural leader in group processes and knows how to achieve her goal with respect for all involved in the process.

My professional experience with working with Karin is extremely pleasant and motivating. Above all, Karin is characterized by her drive and commitment to the goal she has set for herself.

Reinoud van Assendelft de Coningh
'Van Assendelft & Partners’ Adviesbureau voor Leisure & Cultuur

– Reinoud van Assendelft de Coningh
Van Assendelft & Partners’ Adviesbureau for Leisure & Cultuur

Skilled connector and organizer

I know Karin as someone with a pleasant tenacity on the subjects she stands for. Her sense of nuance and people knowledge, but also a structural approach and strategic view of things make her a skilled connector and organizer. Her heart and head are in balance, which means she is ideally suited to work on socially relevant topics.

– Kees Klesman
former director Club of Elf

Passionate and Professional

Last year I used the services of Karin and her company Joint Projects to accelerate the progress of an internal task force for studying and increasing the accessibility of our existing and new rides. Thanks to her inspiring working session and her professionalism in leadership we made a big step in improving and attention for accessibility of our ride systems.

I continued the professional and pleasant relationship by including her in further developments and in attending initiatives, like the “Digital Wake Up”, of the Community “Toegankelijke Recreatie”. Also in these sessions you can recognize the professional involvement of Karin in the efficient managed and well organized meetings.

As consequence Vekoma is happy to join the community and benefit further from Karin’s drive and commitment to get things done in general and specific to improve the accessibility in the leisure industry.

Har Kupers, CEO Vekoma Rides Manufacturing bv

– Har Kupers
CEO Vekoma Rides Manufacturing bv



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