On the right are 2 drawn, happy half-puppets. Left is fuchsia and right is green. Next to it is the name Accessible (green) Recreation (fuchsia).
Plane is flying

United Airlines adds Braille to plane interiors

throughout our interiors, we’re making the flying experience more inclusive and accessible, and that’s good for everyone.” ABC Interim Executive Director Dan Spoone said: ‘’ United is taking additional steps to create … Read more

two heads of people, one is red, one has black lines. They are facing eachother. Under the heads there is the word empathy.

Empathy in Design

Empathy plays a big role in the design of attractions. Empathy in the design process allows authentic, representative and inclusive designs. It translates to the attraction experience. It welcomes all guests and … Read more


Talking Accessibility: An Interview With Paraquad

Including people with disabilities in your conversations, planning, design, and implementation will make spaces more accessible. That’s what Anna, who uses a wheelchair and Kim, who has a visual impairment shared with … Read more



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