287 Greek beaches accessible for people in a wheelchair

Greece is making hundreds of beaches wheelchair-friendly, they are doing this by installing the Greek-designed Seatrac system. This technical solution will allow people in wheelchairs to move independently from the beach into the sea.

287 beaches throughout Greece will be fully accessible for people in wheelchairs. Partly because of Seatrac, but there will also be other facilities. Disabled parking spaces, accessible bathroom/dressing areas, ramps and paths to sun loungers.

The project, costing 15 million euros, is funded by the European Union and the Greek government. When a beach is fully accessible to someone in a wheelchair, family members and friends will also benefit. They will also contribute to the local economy.

Want to read more? Read the article here: https://supportmagazine.nl/griekenland-maakt-honderden-stranden-rolstoeltoegankelijk/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=Nieuwsbrief&utm_campaign=Support-nieuwsbrief-21apr23



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