Empathy in Design

Empathy plays a big role in the design of attractions. Empathy in the design process allows authentic, representative and inclusive designs. It translates to the attraction experience. It welcomes all guests and provides a sense of belonging. Understanding Empathy and its role, can lead to a more inclusive attraction.

Empathy also allows us to look at inequity. For example: backgrounds and accessibility. You can see how those factors might impact the ability to be diverse and inclusive. It allows you to discover why visitors may not feel welcome or included.

An attraction is a storyteller. Empathy plays a role in that story. Masek says, “Designers need empathy for the guests, but there’s an additional layer. We also want the guests to empathize with the characters in our thematic story. We need them to feel like they can relate to the animal, the struggling main character, and even the villain.  The more they relate to their surroundings, the more involved they are with the journey. And the more involved they are, the more they can have an emotional connection.’’    

Do you want to read more? Click on the link: https://www.pgavdestinology.com/empathyindesign/conveying-empathy



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